Supporting People and Communities Employment Support Programme (SPACES)- Employer Application

SPACES is a short-term employment placement programme intended to provide meaningful employment opportunities to Ontario Works recipients while assisting non-profit and public sector organizations in improving the health and wellbeing of the community. Please complete the application below if your organization is interested in participating.

Terms and Conditions

Organizations whose applications are selected for participation in the SPACES programme will enter into an agreement with the County of Wellington as per the terms and conditions outlined below.

2.1   The Employer will:

  1. provide the SPACES Participant with training as described in this application;
  2. provide the SPACES Participant with the same employment terms, conditions and benefits provided to the Employer's other employees at the SPACES Participant's job level;
  3. make all legally required employer and employee contributions and deductions in respect of the SPACES Participant including but not limited to CPP, EI, and provincial and federal income tax;
  4. pay the SPACES Participant directly in the amount described in this application;
  5. ensure the SPACES Participant receives adequate supervision, regular and continuing instruction, and sufficient opportunity to learn the job duties, including orientation training in workplace health and safety;
  6. comply with all applicable employment related provincial and federal employment legislation;
  7. maintain adequate employee coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act or alternative workplace safety insurance;
  8. maintain adequate third party liability coverage;
  9. keep accurate attendance records of the SPACES Participant, including days and hours worked;
  10. submit to Ontario Works, invoices or other requests for reimbursement including copies of time sheets, signed by the Employer and the SPACES Participant;
  11. inform Ontario Works immediately if the SPACES Participant is to be dismissed, or has quit, before the end of their placement;
  12. provide evaluation information to the SPACES Participant and Ontario Works regarding the SPACES Participant's progress in relation to the training planned;
  13. comply with applicable guidance provided by Ontario Works; and
  14. inform Ontario Works immediately of any accident or injury to the participant while on the job, and submit all documentation required by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act/Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) or alternative workplace safety insurance company.

2.2   County of Wellington Ontario Works will:

  1. provide support to the SPACES Participant and the Employer by monitoring the placement against the planned training (this may include unscheduled on-site visits);
  2. ensure that the terms and conditions of the participant and employer agreement are met;
  3. if necessary, negotiate any amendments to the agreement with the SPACES Participant and the Employer;
  4. immediately terminate the agreement if any or all parties are not fulfilling the terms and conditions of the agreement;
  5. notify the Employer, in writing, of reasons for the early termination of the agreement; and
  6. reimburse the Employer upon submission of accurate and complete time sheets.

Termination and Restrictions:

If Ontario Works terminates the agreement pursuant to clause 2.2(4) above, the placement/training incentives to the Employer will terminate immediately.

In the event of closures due to COVID-19 that affect the Employer's facility, program or staffing, the agreement may be amended, terminated, or resumed upon re-opening subject to agreement between the Employer, the SPACES participant and Ontario Works.


Any amendments to the agreement must be in writing and dated and signed by all three parties to the agreement (Employer, SPACES participant and County of Wellington Ontario Works).


Privacy Notice

Personal information (PI) is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001. All personal information created, held or collected by the County of Wellington is protected in accordance with Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1990 (MFIPPA). For questions related to this collection of personal information, contact the Manager of Privacy and Information, County of Wellington, Office of the CAO, T 519.837.2600 x2528.