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CEYD General Consultation Form (i.e., pedagogy & resources)

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CEYD General Consultation Form

(i.e., pedagogy & resources)


CEYD General Consultation: Our Approach

Using an approach of collaborative partnership with educational teams, CEYD General Consultation uses a strength-based approach that seeks to honour the knowledge and capacity that already exists amongst teams and learning communities.

This form acts both as a practical form for CEYD staff to record information about each consultation request (e.g., requests for resources, pedagogical supports) as well as a means of collecting data for monitoring purposes as part of the CEYD Capacity Building services and supports.

This form is to be completed by CEYD staff as soon as initial consultation with child care/early years staff takes place.
  • If the consultation process takes place over several contact points the form can be saved and updated so that CEYD staff may continue to add information about ongoing consultation.
  • When the consultation is completed, CEYD staff will enter the date, record if the child care/early years staff will continue ongoing support through another mechanism, such as the CEYD Side-by-Side Mentorship Programme, etc. 
The information recorded on this form is confidential. 

Limits to Confidentiality
CEYD staff are bound by professional obligations as well as the more general "duty to report". If CEYD staff encounter a situation which requires action (i.e., a call to family and children’s services) we will be as transparent as possible in the process and work together in a supportive way.



If this consultation involves more than one session, use the save and continue feature as required. Please use the space(s) provided below to record updates/additional information. 

If this consultation was completed in a single session and/or when the consultation is completed please enter the date, your email and role and click on the submit button.