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2023 Green Legacy Tree Request Form

2023 Green Legacy Tree Request Form

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Trees must be planted in Wellington County within one of the seven member municipalities. Verify your delivery address by using Google Maps.

Note: The City of Guelph is a separate single tier municipality and does not fall under Wellington County's member municipalities.

  • Trees may not be used for resale.

Please Note: Trees are distributed in bundles of 10. Please order in number of bundles. One bundle equals 10 trees.  

For more information contact Carli Rietkerk at or 519.837.2600 x 2040

The following is a list of all tree species initially available. Click on the highlighted species to see more information and planting tips.

Please consider others when choosing a quantity. We do our best to fulfill all species and quantities requested, however they are not guaranteed.

 Eastern White Cedar Buttonbush* Honey Locust
Red Pine Choke Cherry Silver Maple
Eastern White Pine Red-Osier Dogwood* Sugar Maple
Norway Spruce Common Elderberry* Ninebark*
White Spruce American Elm* Bur Oak
Tamarack Northern Hackberry Red Oak
  Bitternut Hickory* Ohio Buckeye
  Kentucky Coffee Tree* Black Walnut

 *fewer than 500 available

This form is updated weekdays 9 am - 4 pm only.  

Additional Resources - Choosing the Right Tree: A Landowner's Guide to Putting Down Roots (PDF)

Please note: Available tree species will appear in the check box list below. All other species are considered 'sold out'. 

Mulch Mats / Rodent Guards

(payment by credit card upon submitting order - all sales are final)