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2022 Green Legacy Tree Request Form

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Trees must be planted in Wellington County within one of the seven member municipalities.  Note: The City of Guelph is a separate single tier municipality and does not fall under Wellington County's member municipalities. 

  • Trees may not be used for resale.

Seedlings are distributed free to residents of Wellington County, local environmental groups, service clubs and schools. If you would like to support the programme you can make a tax deductible charitable donation. These funds will go towards the educational component of the Green Legacy Programme.

Trees are available on a first come, first served basis.

Please Note: Trees are distributed in bundles of 10. Please order in number of bundles. One bundle equals 10 trees.

Mulch Mats/Rodent Guards: Sold for $1/each - payment must be made by credit card at time of order. All sales are final. Customers with outstanding balances from previous orders must pay off their account before any new order will be fulfilled.

Need help planting? Free planting assistance by local students may be possible for orders of 500+ trees. Please let us know if you would like to paired with a school group. Please note: Due to COVID-19, this option may not be available in 2022.

For more information, visit:, or contact Carli Rietkerk at or 519.837.2600 x 2040

The following is a list of all tree species. Please consider others when choosing a quantity. Large orders of 100+ trees are encouraged. 

*fewer than 500 available

White Spruce Bladdernut* Silver Maple
Norway Spruce Buttonbush* Sugar Maple
Eastern White Pine Choke Cherry Red Oak
Red Pine Alternate Dogwood* White Oak*
 Eastern White Cedar Red-Osier Dogwood Ohio Buckeye
European Larch Silky Dogwood Staghorn Sumac*
  Common Elderberry Black Walnut
  American Elm Hackberry*
  Shagbark Hickory Hoptree*
  Kentucky Coffee Tree Tamarack*
  Honey Locust Tulip Tree*



Please note: Available tree species will appear in the drop down menu below. All other species are considered 'sold out'. 

Mulch Mats / Rodent Guards

(payment by credit card upon submitting order - all sales are final)