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Climate Action Survey

For Farmers

The County of Wellington and its member municipalities are working together to create the Wellington County Climate Change Mitigation Plan to reduce the net greenhouse gas emissions from the community, including the agriculture sector.

Your participation in the following survey will assist the development of this plan.

Wellington County farmers feed Ontarians. Our farmers produce a diverse range of foods and agricultural products that are shipped throughout Ontario, nationally and internationally. Agriculture is the third largest employment sector in the County of Wellington and identified as a key growth sector in Wellington County Economic Development Three Year Plan (2019-2021).

Like all sectors, agriculture produces greenhouse gas emissions. Agricultural sources include enteric fermentation from ruminant livestock, manure, urea based fertilizer application and soils. 

Agriculture is one of a few sectors that has the ability to off-set greenhouse gas emissions. In agriculture, this is largely done by sequestering, or pulling, carbon into soils and natural areas stewarded by farmers. Net greenhouse gas reductions can also be achieved by reducing emissions at their source. 

Please Note: This survey takes approximately 8 minutes to complete.


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