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Climate Action Survey

For Businesses

The County of Wellington and its member municipalities are working together to create the Wellington County Climate Change Mitigation Plan to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions from the community, including buildings and transportation.

Your participation in the following survey will assist the development of this plan.

Greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and transportation continue to increase. For buildings, this increase is primarily due to a lack of improvement in the amount of energy used per square foot of floor space in commercial and institutional buildings. For transportation, large cargo trucks are the primary source of emissions growth. However, passenger vehicles make up the largest contribution to transportation emissions in the province.

Your responses to this survey will help us better understand the work you have already done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your business, as well as the barriers that may be preventing you for taking additional actions.

This survey is estimated to take 8 minutes to complete.

10. How likely are you to implement the following actions in the future?

(1 - Not at all likely, 2 - Somewhat likely, 3 - Likely, 4 - I have a plan to start this action, 5 - I have already implemented this action)


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